who is bailey the owner

Paul Bailey Family Man Contractor Owner

A Proud Daddy! I'm big on family. Thats my son just hours old. I was on cloud 9.


If you can't tell....other than family and work bass fishin has definitely got my heart. Catch-n-release ofcourse.


I take pride in my work. I don't just look at you like another job. I want to be your life long family contractor and that means each new job is the beginning of a new relationship. So as we are starting this new relationship I think its important you know a little about me.


Expert Craftsman


My Name is Paul Bailey, I am the owner and founder of Baileys.tv. I'm Originally from the Pacific Northwest and I must say I do miss the rain forest evergreens. I Grew up with a tough but fair Father who I can accredit my intense work ethic. Yes I had many a chores and they always needed to be performed to the best of my ability. This has caused me to evolve into an extreme perfectionist when it comes to my work but also awards me with great satisfaction and pride in a job well done. So thanks Dad!

After graduation I immediately began work as a low voltage technician and most of that time was spent on the Microsoft campus running fiber optics and cat 5, working in the MSNBC building, server building and Gates very own office building. 7 months later I became an electrician and After 2 1/2 years of electrical work in Bill Gates Microsoft buildings and various Hospitals and schools like the University of Washington, I switched to residential remodeling. I ran crews for a local company for 2 years but ultimately decided it was time to go on my own. I started building new homes including a beautiful Log home on the pristine shores of lake Cushman but as time progressed I diversified and included all aspects of construction and landscaping to my services list.


For a few years I worked all over western Washington with great success, leaving behind a trail of satisfied customers. It all changed when I met a beautiful woman from NYC. A few weeks later I packed a bag and took a flight to see her. Now let me tell ya, I do believe Soul mates must exist. I had a round trip ticket good for two weeks. This April we celebrated our 15th anniversary together and my love for her grows deeper by the day. Yes Honey, you are my love, my life, and I am so lucky and proud to still call you my Wife! I love you. Needless to say I Started the business up here and built it back up from scratch. I found that my work ethic, attitude and respect for people were unmatched here. Bottom line, my name is my reputation, my word is my bond. I share all this with you because I try to be an open book. There are no games, no gimmicks and nothing hidden here. With me you will get complete transparency as regards the work ahead and 100% accountability.

I'm just an Honest Craftsman that can't wait to start building your dream.........so..what is your dream?